Ricardo Piglia


Deep Vellum will publish Ricardo Piglia’s Target in the Night (translated by Sergio Waisman) in November 2015

Piglia (Schavelzon)

Ricardo Piglia (Argentina, 1941) is a writer of rare literary stature, capable of combining criticism with literary creation without subordinating either. His literary investigations have had as great an impact in artistic and academic circles of Latin America as his fiction has on a growing number of readers. Piglia’s international literary career has been further strengthened with several top European publishers rising to the challenge of publishing his fiction and criticism. His narratives incorporates elements from literary criticism but loses none of the freshness and agility that readers expects in a story as a result.

Quotes about Piglia

“Ricardo Piglia is an extremely important literary figure. He has inherited Borges’ quizzical intelligence, enthusiasm for the tireless exploration of literature and attraction to hidden depths. Piglia’s fictions trace inventive parabolas over the past nightmarish events of his country.”    


“Ricardo Piglia, the rebel classic”


“One of the sharpest minds on the latino-hispanic-american scene today. not just in Argentina.”


“Ricardo Piglia may be the best Latin American writer to have appeared since the heyday of Gabriel García Márquez.”


Anagrama edition cover for Target in the Night

Anagrama edition cover for Target in the Night

Target in the Night Plot

“A passionate thriller in which the madness of the detective, a retired police captain, is integral to his solving mysteries. An intense and tragic family history, with echoes of King Lear, set in a small town in the Argentinean Pampas. The return of Emilio Renzi, one of the greatest characters in recent Argentinean literature, who in his maturity recalls, with a certain skeptical nostalgia, his past adventures. A profound reflection on power and justice. An exceptional novel.”

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